Jaws'n'Paws Inc

We have Moved and our shelter is no longer at Rosewood so

At this time our books are closed and

we are unable to take any strays or unwanted pets

 if you need help give 

AWL Ipswich or the RSPCA a call

we still have some beautiful cats and dogs looking for homes, please spare some time and check them out




Jaws 'N' Paws was launched in March 2009 by a group of Rosewood residents to try and change the problem of stray and abandoned dogs, cats, and other animals in Rosewood, Ipswich and surrounding areas.

Jaws 'N' Paws is a non profit organisation.

The group aims to help stray animals find loving new homes, reunite lost pets with their owners, help people to place unwanted pets and focus on the education of the public as to their rights and obligations regarding pet ownership, such as de-sexing, worming, vaccinations, training, local council Rules and general care.

Jaw's 'N' Paws is run by volunteers who give up their valuable time.

Contacting Jaws 'N' Paws

Ph: 0434 715 971

E-mail -  jawsnpaws_qld@hotmail.com

Jaws 'n' Paws newest Baby (2012)

5 Pups were found dumped in a plastic bag at a dump in a country area, a wounderful lady found them and put the call out on river 9.49 asking for help. The call was heared by a Brave companion Dog rescue member, who then rang us to see if we could help, only 2 pups made it to us, the others had past away. In 24 hours the little boy died due to injury's, the little girl is a fighter still going strong, now three weeks old, i will keep you updated


place's you can call
your local vet
.local rescue groups
This little pup could have stayed alive for days then suffered a horrible death!!!!


First feed at four weeks & a vist to the vet given the all clear at this time, weighing in only 450g, up and moving around

Up Date Nibbler is now 4 years old

What We Offer

  • Animal Adoptions and Placements
  • Lost and Found Register
  • Wildlife Advice and Referrals
  • General Pet Care Advice
  • Newsletters
  • No Kill Policy

How You Can Help

Become a Temporary Foster Carer, or Donate any of the following items;

  • Pet Food - canned or dry
  • Dog / Cat Cage
  • Kitty Litter
  • Lengths of Steel
  • Wire Mesh
  • Blankets
  • Towels
We can arrange for pick up of larger items. 
Please call (07) 5464 1933 
Thank you for your support.

Please Note

As of the 23/2/10 Sarah Johnson is no longer part of Jaws' n' Paws inc,
 Any inquires or complaints about Micro chipping, please contact Sarah direct as Jaws'n'paws inc is in no way responsible for any Micro chipping or the registration of any chips implanted by Sarah Johnson

Friends of Jaws 'N' Paws

Please support these people and / or businesses who have supported Jaws 'N' Paws.